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Replica carbine SA-C03

Specna Arms fulfils customers’ expectations and presents the CORE™ line – a unique series of replicas that introduces a new quality to the market. Attractive price combined with innovative spring exchange system and high quality materials makes this series interesting for both beginners and experienced airsoft players.

The receiver, slide and battery housing of the enlarged SF piston as well as the pistol grip are made of nylon fibre reinforced polymer plastic. Other components such as the barrel, the RIS front, the flame guard, the enlarged reloading handle and the tactical suspension are made of metal (all screws, pins, the case ejection port and the dummy bolt are made of steel). Markings and serial number are attached to the barrel.

The rifle has been very well customised the user will not experience any play between the lower and upper part of the body.

By using a body made of lightweight material, the weight has been reduced, making it ideal for dynamic games or long milslims. In addition, the fibreglass reinforcement makes the body more durable than polymer and metal bodies.

The replica uses the quick release spring system, ESA™. This allows the replica’s performance to be quickly and efficiently adapted to the conditions expected on the pitch without the need for access to a workshop or a range of specialised tools – simply unscrew the piston guide to gain access to replace the spring without having to pull out or dismantle the gearbox.

The advantages of the ESA™ system are difficult to overestimate. Considering the existing arrangements in the environments themselves, this system guarantees the user considerable possibilities and a high degree of freedom. The ESA™ system minimises the time it takes to change the main spring and thus adapt the firing speed of the replica to the playing area, ensuring an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of the fire and the safety of yourself and other players.

The replica has been fully adapted to the LiPo and LiFe battery types. With an initial discharge speed of approximately ~380 FPS guaranteed by the pre-installed mainspring, the replica is perfect for mid-range use. An M90 type spring is also included, which allows the initial speed to be reduced to ~310 FPS, making the replica perfect for short range or indoor use.

The gearbox conceals 8-millimetre plain bearings and the steel gears mounted on them. The system is secured against reversing by four pawls. The lightweight plastic piston made of polycarbonate is fitted with a solid steel rod to increase its strength. In addition, a type 0 cylinder and a steel interrupter as well as a precision rotating hop-up chamber are used. The strength of the parts allows the use of M140 springs.

The finely machined rotary hop-up chamber perfectly complements the high-quality 6.03mm precision barrel. The use of a precision barrel has a positive effect on the range and accuracy of the replica. It is important to remember to use high quality 6mm ammunition.

The replica has been fitted with a 22mm RIS rail at the back, a set of RIS rails at the front and an adjustable buttstock. A flip-up sight is mounted on the upper RIS rail, which does not interfere with the optoelectronic sights. Thanks to the extendable buttstock with non-slip base, the length of the rifle can be adjusted to suit the shooter’s build and preferences. The standard flame guard is mounted on a 14 mm left-hand thread, which allows a silencer to be fitted in its place.

Paket enthalten:

  • S-Mag Hi-Cap Magazin
  • QC-Zertifikat
  • Anweisung
  • Repliken
  • M90 Zusatzfeder
  • Vertikaler Griff

Paket ausschließen:

  • Das Set enthält weder den Akku noch das Ladegerät


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